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We have a number of workshops and seminars specifically structured for groups who would like to experience a taste of the filmmaking process. In addition to these pre-made sessions, we will also be happy to tailor the training we offer to your specific needs - just email us with your requirements, any course curriculum details, 群体规模, participants’ age and any other relevant information to help us design the best course to suit you.

Please find our 研讨会 & Seminars guide 在这里!



  • 一半的一天: (3小时10分.00–13.00 or 14.00– 17.00) £600 per session
  • 天: (6小时:10小时.00–17.00) £950 per session


  • 一半的一天: (3小时10分.00–13.00 or 14.00– 17.00) £550 per session / £825 for 2 sessons
  • 天: (6小时:10小时.00–17.00) £900 per session / £1,350 for 2 sessions


Workshop 1: The Production Process

A professional cinematographer takes participants through the techniques of Super 16mm film cameras, digital cameras and different lighting set-ups.   Max 12 participants per session.  

Workshop 2: Acting for Directors

Participants learn the actor’s craft, how to communicate with actors in their own language to get performances they are looking for and techniques that can help with dramatic tension.   Max 16 participants per session.    

Workshop 3: Writing a Short Film

Learn how to construct a narrative and create full-rounded characters. Participants work in small groups to write their story and present their idea to the rest of the group.   Max 16 participants per session.  

Workshop 4: iPhone Filmmaking

A professional cinematographer demonstrates the potential of filmmaking with iPhones, inspiring students that you can make creative storytelling with the most commonly used device.   Max 12 participants per session.  

Workshop 5: Making a Short Film

Storyboarding and shooting a short script, which participants write in advance as a class and bring to the workshop. In practical environment students learn how to take their story from script to screen.   Max 12 participants per session.  


Seminar 1: The Production Process

An introduction to the entire production process from a producer’s point of view. What it takes to take a film from an idea to a finished product. This seminar aims to introduce students to how films are produced within the industry.   Max 24 participants per session.

Seminar 2: Documentary Filmmaking

The nuts and bolts of documentary filmmaking, from structuring your narrative to how to make your documentary. This seminar introduces students to the practical factors involved in planning a documentary shoot particularly the aspects that might be different from writing and planning a fictional film.   Max 24 participants per...

Seminar 3: English for Filmmakers

Introduces students through the terminology used on film sets and within the industry. This seminar will also cover professional protocol on set. This class is appropriate for international students with English as a second language.   Max 24 participants per session.

Seminar 4: Writing a Shot List

How to shoot a scene from a director’s point of view. A director takes students through the thought processes behind visualising a scene cinematically and writing a shot list.   Max 24 participants per session.

Seminar 5: How to Get a Job in Film

Providing clear objectives on how to approach the film industry and gain a successful career as a filmmaker.   Max 24 participants per session.

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